Community Engagement Solutions for your Organisation

ArneTech is your independent partner for holistic community engagement solutions and continuous practice improvement programs. We're dedicated to bringing you the most innovative solutions including consultancy services, professional development courses and digital engagement tools.


We're supporting clients from Australia and New Zealand. We're working with the following sectors Local, State and Federal Government, Water utilities, Construction, Planning, Engineering, Infrastructure, City planning and Health.


Everything we do is About People:

  • People engaging with other people
  • People influencing decisions and outcomes that affect them and their lives
  • People providing valuable insights, information and skills that improve projects and their community
  • People interacting and engaging with other
  • People having a voice, also marginalised and hard-to-reach


Our Services & Products

 “I was very impressed by the GIS based functionality of Harava… which with reasonable certainty, gave the ability to guarantee that the respondents were actually residents of the municipality.” 

Marco Bass,

Manager of Communications and Customer Service,