We're boosting your business

ArneTech is boosting the business of its Australian business customers with innovative technology solutions from around the globe. We're dedicated to bringing the most innovative technology solutions to the Australian market.


We're serving mid-size to large companies and public organisations Australian wide. We're focused on boosting your main and support processes such as customer service, training, IT, legal and financial and thus saving you time and money


For technology providers ArneTech can boost your business by providing services for Australian market entry, Australian Market studies and opportunities for resales in the Australian market.


Harava provides a smart way to collect data and information from your environment. It is a map-based survey tool that integrates responses with spatial data to make your survey more accurate.

Prove the value of your spatial web services as well as save time and money in your processes that use spatial data. Our online service will enable you to increase the impact of your spatial web services, to provide highly reliable eServices and to automate routine tasks.

services FOR Technology PROVIDERS

Market Entry

Market Entry will be tailored to your product and your situation to maximise the chance of success. We will guarantee that you will get measurable and documented activities done directly on the market. See more information!


Resales of your product is typically connected to the market entry from the day one. As the entry proceeds ArneTech will be taking successful products into the product portfolio on a pure resales basis. 

Market Study

Sometimes it's best to increase the understanding of the market before making further decisions. We offer market studies on how the market works, what the customers are expecting, identifying potential customers or partners etc.