CiviComment Features

Click to Comment

Participants can simply click anywhere on your document to leave a comment

Easily navigate long documents

Search document by keyword

Create and define categories that participants can use to tag their comments

Subscribe to responses, fostering dialogue and closing feedback loops


Simply post your content in PDF format and allow participants to leave comments on text, imagery, graphics or maps in your document

Simple, context-aware instructions make participation a breeze, even for inexperienced users

Participants can leave comments on images, maps, or any other graphics embedded in your PDF

Comment threads foster dialogue and allow participants to resolve contradicting feedback themselves

Participants can support statements they like, reducing duplicate comments

Manage Comments

Respond directly to participants and moderate comments

Search or filter comments

Quick access to all important admin features from one simple dashboard

Tag or code comments with other reviewers for qualitative text analysis

Contact participants to ask questions or follow up about their comments

Unpublish inappropriate comments

Download Reports

Export annotated PDFs or Spreadsheet to analyse comments

Get quick insights about the reports you are generating

Choose from multiple export formats, including all comments embedded in the PDF, or as Excel Spreadsheet with anchor IDs

Generate comment reports with one click

Contact participants to ask questions or follow up about their comments

Google Sentiment Analysis for each comment provides additional insights