ArneTech is looking for a Business Manager and a Marketing Coordinator

ArneTech is continuing the growth and success and thus expanding its’ business and customer base. We’re looking for a full-time Business Manager and a part-time Marketing Coordinator for our Melbourne office to further drive our growth and business. 


To see and apply for the position of Business Manager, please see the posting on SEEK


To see and apply for the position of Marketing Coordinator, please see the posting on GradConnection.



Matti Pennanen has Started as a Senior Product Specialist at ArneTech

Matti Pennanen has started to work as a senior product specialist at ArneTech. Matti's responsibilities include product training, support and consultation. When you contract a product or a new project from ArneTech you will be likely to meet Matti when we start the delivery of the product / project.


Matti has over 20 years of experience in the IT sector and has previously held positions like Sales Support Manager for Compuware, Managing Director for Tesnet Group and a VP for Proha. In the last few years Matti has qualified and focused his career as a professional instructor and a teacher through his own consulting business.


You can reach Matti at +61 407 777 668 or matti.pennanen (at)

City of Moreland started to use Harava

City of Moreland commenced  using  Harava for their online community engagement needs in early June. The first project related to the position of a new public toilet in a Park in East Brunswick, Melbourne (Australia). Typical of many hyperlocal issues that are not of great consequence more broadly, this issue had deeply divided residents for nearly 20 years. Previous traditional consultations had not resulted in a high level of participation and were not seen as valid by the community. The Harava consultation asked residents if they wanted a new public toilet at all and if so, where. Importantly the GIS functionality required respondents to provide their address from a pre-determined lists allowing Council to know if they were residents or not. The consultation attracted almost 400 responses and has given Moreland Council a clear and statistically valid picture of the majority community view and basis to proceed.


ArneTech to represent Harava products in Australia and New Zealand

A Finnish software development company, Dimtenteq, and ArneTech have signed an agreement for ArneTech to represent Harava product in Australia and New Zealand. In the first stage ArneTech will conduct a market survey in Australia for Dimenteq and the Harava product.


Provided the results are positive for Harava market entry, in May - June 2017 ArneTech will proceed to start reselling Harava in Australian and New Zealand. The co-operation will included joint marketing activities, further market research and resales activities to local customers in Australia. In the first phase the target is to find new Harava customers in the state of Victoria and then expand to other states.



Harava is a leading community engagement product in Europe and some 200 city councils and public organisations are using Harava in their community engagement projects. Harava provides tools for all online community engagement consultations and has a particular strength in consultation where a visualisation or feedback collection is needed on a map. Harava can easily combine a lot of map-based information into a compelling and easy-to-use online consultation that can be used to collect community feedback and ideas on various projects such as urban development, zone planning, traffic planning, maintenance needs etc.

ArneTech Website Published

ArneTech has published its' website and at the same time the visual concept - including the new logo. The website is designed to provide our potential customers and partner information about the services and products ArneTech is providing.



Currently the company is finalising its' strategic plan. The company is focused on providing B2B and B2G customers in Australia and New Zealand new innovative technology products to boost their operations. We're just starting an extensive search and negotiations to identify the first the products that we will represent on the Australian market.