For Technology Providers

For technology providers ArneTech can boost your business by providing services for Australian market entry, Australian Market studies and opportunities for resales in the Australian market.


We're constantly looking for exceptional technology products that will boost our customers' business and that have a clear value to improve their business or to create them significant cost savings.


There are different ways of entering or growing new markets - all of them with different advantages and challenges. We're offering a low entry barrier to the Australian market with a new kind of resales concept that typically starts with a joint Market Entry project and moves later into a resales mode. Before, during or after the market entry we can also provide services for more extensive market study to deepen your understanding of Australian market and the opportunities it provider for your company. See below more information about the services for technology providers. Please also see "Why Australia" and "The ArneTech Model" for more information.

Market Entry

Market Entry will be tailored to your product and your situation to maximise the chance of success. We will guarantee that you will get measurable and documented activities done directly on the market. See more information!


Resales of your product is typically connected to the market entry from the day one. As the entry proceeds ArneTech will be taking successful products into the product portfolio on a pure resales basis. 

Market study

Sometimes it's best to increase the understanding of the market before making further decisions. We offer market studies on how market works, what the customers are expecting, identifying potential customers or partners etc.