Market entry

Our market entry service is in most cases the starting point of our co-operation. The content of the service is agreed based on your need and situation and could include for instance some or all of the following:

  • Direct sales activities and customers contacts / meetings
  • Creating a market research report
  • Attending relevant trade shows or conferences
  • Mapping other potential partners
  • Setting up a local company for you

The target of the market entry is to get you started to generate sales and positive cash flow on the market. The scope of the services is in the first phase 6-24 months with agreed commitment from one day every other week to one (or more) full-time persons working for you on the market entry. After the market entry phase ArneTech aims to continue as a reseller of your product with full own risk. The initial market entry investment is to ensure commitment on both sides, to share the risk of entering a new market with a new product, to maximise the chance of success and to give you maximal control of your market entry.


By contracting our market entry service you are hiring an outsourced person for the initial phase that will aim to continue selling your product also after the market entry on their own risk. You do not have to worry about employment legislation, any social security costs, sick leaves etc. The service is always for a limited time and the cost is a fixed fee that you will know in advance.


The market entry service fee includes all telecom costs and travel within Melbourne Area where we are located. Any other travel, conferences or other costs will agreed separately before-hand and invoiced as incurred


Please also see "Why Australia" and "The ArneTech Model" for more information.