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Company News · 07 August 2018
Darren Keenan, Principal Consultant of Practical Consulting Group, is an expert in community and stakeholder engagement, organisational strategy and change management and he is joining the ArneTech team.

Company News · 03 August 2018
Get excited to join the passionate team here at ArneTech with members built on delivering the best solutions in community engagement. We are looking for a new Engagement Manager to help with the growing demands of the business.

Company News · 08 May 2018
Charlotte is a freelance engagement specialist who will be working part-time in our team to offer communications and engagement advise.

Company News · 03 May 2018
So that we can provide you with the support you need, ArneTech has added communication and engagement services to its’ offering. Over the next few months we will be ramping this up and working towards offering a full communications and engagement consultancy.

Company News · 16 April 2018
We’re expanding our digital communications and engagement consultancy business to increase the focus and to fast track our growth. As a result there are TWO new Partner positions available. Click to read more about the positions!

Company News · 15 March 2018
Cindy Lim has started for ArneTech as a Marketing Coordinator. Cindy's responsibilities include handling all marketing and digital platforms, and searching for innovative ways to help support both the business and clients.

Company News · 14 March 2018
We're growing up! As the business is getting more busy we've moved to a new location.

Company News · 28 August 2017
Matti Pennanen has started to work as a senior product specialist for ArneTech. Matti's responsibilities include product training, support and consultation.

Company News · 20 July 2017
A quick summary and introduction to ArneTech director and owner Kristian Jaakkola.

Company News · 04 April 2017
ArneTech and Dimenteq have signed an agreement for ArneTech to start representing the Harava product in Australia and New Zealand.

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