ArneTech Engagement for Managers

The Engagement for Managers module is perfect for team-leaders and managers of engagement professionals or projects.


In this full-day session, participants will discuss:


ü  The definitions of engagement and consultation – are they the same or different?

ü  Opportunities of good quality engagement for both the organisation and the community

ü  Identifying stakeholders and understanding their different roles and influence in the engagement

ü  The relationship between internal and external engagement practice

ü  Managing people who are engaging

ü  Managing stakeholders during an engagement process

ü  Different engagement methods – why so many?

ü  Understand the resources needed for successful engagement

ü  Planning for successful engagement, including template to keep

ü  Evaluating and Reporting engagement practice


ü  Something you can do tomorrow to improve your engagement practice.



If working in local, state or federal government organisations, we include details of legislative requirements for consultation (and/or engagement).


Contact us to book this session in-house or as a customised sessions!

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