ArneTech Engagement Fundamentals

Our Community Engagement Fundamentals module has been designed to support all members of an organisation on their community engagement journey regardless of their previous experience, providing for all participants to reach a common understanding of engagement principles and practice.


As a half-day session, participants will discuss:


ü  The definitions of engagement and consultation – are they the same or different?

ü  Opportunities of good quality engagement for both the organisation and the community

ü  Identifying stakeholders and understanding their different roles and influence in the engagement

ü  How communications and marketing relate to engagement practice

ü  Tools, models and frameworks for quality engagement practice

ü  Different methods of engagement and when to use them.


ü  Something you can do tomorrow to improve your engagement practice.


In the full-day session we also include the following topics:


ü  Additional case studies, relating the principles demonstrated, linked to real-world practice

ü  Extended work and practice on methods

ü  Planning for successful engagement, including template to keep



If working in local, state or federal government organisations, we include details of legislative requirements for consultation (and/or engagement).

Summary Flyer of ArneTech Engagement Fundamentals
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