In-House and Customised Sessions

In-house sessions provides a great way for you to train together as a team at your own location and at a time that suits you the best. You can book any of our sessions as an in-house professional development sessions. In-house sessions are always charges at a minimum of 10 participants and provide a professional development opportunity for up to 25 participants per session.


Some Advantages of In-House Sessions

  • Team-building: Not only do all your team participate, but it is training that will have your team working together and engaging with each other.
  • Convenience: You don't have to worry about travel and you have more flexibility on the dates available
  • Professional trainers: For the in-house sessions we provide the same world-class trainers that are delivering our public sessions
  • Cost savings: If you're training a large number of your staff, in-house training is typically considerably more cost efficient than attending public sessions.


Customised Sessions

You can opt to have any of our sessions as customised sessions. Those are always delivered in-house at your location and tailor-made to your particular needs. Some of the customisation could include things like your engagement strategy, framework and/or tools in the training package or picking the most relevant topics for you from our standardised sessions. We're also able to build you completely customised sessions based on your individual needs and objectives for professional development around community engagement.



If you're interested in our in-house or customised sessions, please contact us and we will discuss your needs and provide you with a proposal.