We're conducting research into digital community engagement in Australia.


Using a mix of methods including surveys, interviews and documentary research, we’ll seek to identify ideas and strategies to support engaging online with a range of different stakeholders.

What are the aims of the research?

  • To strengthen the engagement network.
  • Develop a useful, evidence based, resource for those wanting to implement digital community engagement in their practice.
  • Identify case studies that demonstrate the value, successes, and challenges of using digital community engagement tools.

How to get involved


At this stage, as of the 23rd of November 2018, we have now completed the public online survey portion for the project. Thank-you to all that have participated so far in the research project. 


Stay tuned for updates about the results.


We are undertaking case interviews and ongoing documentary research. If you have an interesting case study or  would like to be interviewed, please email us at info@arnetech.com.au.

Survey is now CLOSED as of 23 November 2018.


More Information

Find out more about the Research purpose and methods.


View the  Phase One Survey Results.


The final report will be available around March 2019 and everyone that participated will receive a copy.  


Following this we will be organizing a knowledge-sharing event as an opportunity to get together and discuss the results.


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Expected Timeframes

(Last Update: 23/10/2018)




Phase One: Consultation with IAP2 members to inform and finalise the scope of research

13th August - 31st August 2018

Phase Two: Survey IAP2 network and wider stakeholder groups 8th October - 31st December 2018
Phase Three: Final report February 2019
Phase Four: A webinar and an event in Melbourne March - April 2019

IAP2 Australasia Pitch for Practice


We receive funding from the IAP2 Australasia Pitch for Practice initiative to conduct this research. Pitch for Practice was a participatory budgeting journey that invited members to decide on what ideas they wanted to see implemented over the next 12 months.